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blogBuddy is a small Windows 95/NT/ME/2000/XP program written in Delphi that manages and other weblogs which implement the Blogger API.


2002-03-11: Version 0.5 of blogBuddy is out! New features include spell checking and post editing. Be sure to read the README file for installation instructions. If you haven't done it already, please consider placing a "Using blogBuddy" icon on your site. Download!

2002-03-03: blogBuddy 0.5 is just around the corner. If the current tests go well it will be released on March 11th. Stay tuned for some excellent changes.

2002-02-11: Those of you looking for the Mac version of blogBuddy can check out BlogApp.

2002-01-04: Happy New Year! It's rather quiet on the blogBuddy front. There are a few reasons for this, mostly due to computer hardware failures. On a more positive note, Movable Type and b2 now implement the Blogger API and can therefore be used with blogBuddy.

2001-10-14: blogBuddy 0.4 was just released. This release includes a few bugfixes but the only real change from 0.3.1 is that some crude template control has been introduced. So what are you waiting for, go download it. Don't forget to report bugs and feature requests!
One last thing; if you have not done it already please consider putting a "Using blogBuddy" icon on your weblog page.

2001-10-01: We are currently trying to compose a list of sites which implement the Blogger API and therefore can be used with blogBuddy. If you know of such a site, please notify us.

2001-09-26: blogBuddy 0.3.1 was just released. Important changes include selection of remote site used (not just Check out the changelog or go straight to downloads. blogBuddy 0.3 has been downloaded more than 500 times. We hope that this release will extend the user base even further. Please report any bugs you find and don't hesitate to request features. Also, the blogBuddy team could use a few testers. If you wish to sign up as one please email

2001-09-23: Peter Scott sent an email to the blogBuddy-users mailing list this morning. Apparently he will be speaking about blogging at various conferences this year, and will be demonstrating blogBuddy as a major tool for keeping blogs up-to-date. Details here.

I have nothing to add to these two cartoons from UserFriendly.

2001-08-27: blogBuddy 0.3 was just released. Check the changes page for changes or go directly to download. Please report any bugs or suggestions.

2001-08-25: blogBuddy now has two mailing lists, blogBuddy-announce covering new releases only and blogBuddy-users for day to day chatting, user-to-user support and everything else.

blogBuddy will be moving to SourceForge shortly. Be prepared to update your links to

The votes are in! The icon most voted for in the icon call was the icon by Biz Stone. I'd like to send out a big thank you to all those who submitted an icon (except for Chaz maybe). Also I'd like to thank you, the ones who voted on the icons. You will be seeing the new icon in version 0.3, now head on over to the icons page to see the contestants and the winner.

blogBuddy ranking in the Top 10 Recent links over at blogdex.

Bernardo Carvalho has submitted his ideas of a better interface. Please take some time to review them and send me your comments.

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